Bravo's Party Dance & Fitness Studio is the most popular space to join the Party! Dancing is the basic and principal discipline and is integrated with the well being and most famous fitness programs you can get, so this way you will Party into shape!!!
Is the place where everybody wants to spend time in to Dance and feel great. That's why, Elizabeth and Carlos, have given their hearts and personal touch to every detail you will see between Bravo's Party spaces: Studio, Kids Zone, Checkroom and even the Front desk, where the smiles are found all the time!
With the most professional team, Bravo's Party is able to give the best Dance and Fitness classes ever.

Here is the Bravo's Party's Team
Dance has always been part of Elizabeth Bravo's life! Her passion is to transmit and communicate feelings through dance and from very small has been involved in the performing arts including music and singing studies. Her greatest desire is to spread people with that passion and that's why as Certified Zumba Instructor has captured the attention of thousands of students both in his native Venezuela and Canada, to engage them with welfare so that provides dance !

Elizabeth Bravo

Is the most full of live person you will ever meet! His energy involves everybody in the class and from the moment you give a step inside you will feel his passion to help you achieve your goals! Join him with most innovative Fitness Classes and never stop dancing Zumba!

Carlos Montoya

Ana Bravo is a Venezuelan Zumba instructor, she had danced her whole life and is also a modeling instructor. She has her oun Dance studio in Venezuela and her energy and pasion makes everybody loves dancing.

Ana Bravo

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